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Northampton County
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Bethlehem, PA

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Featured Property

We are your Neighborhood Specialist and a Group of Highly Successful Realtors

Shabana Pathan
Office: (610) 867-8888 Mobile: (908) 448-7728 Email:

Licensing & Designations:   Licensed Realtor in PA & NJ
                                                                Team Leader Shabana Pathan Group
                                                                 Lead Listing Specialist
                                                                 Luxury Homes & Relocation  Properties Specialis
                                                                                                 Certified Distressed Properties Expert

Lehigh Valley Assn. Realtors (LVAR)
                                   National Assn. of Realtors 
                                   Pennsylvania Assn. of Realtors

Qualifications & Experience: Ten years of experience as a Realtor
                                                                     Oracle Certified Professional (DBA)
                                                                     Certified Paralegal Boston University, Boston, MA
                                                                     Bachelor of  Law, A.M.U, Aligarh, India
                                                                     Bachelor of Psychology, A.M.U, India
                                                                                                        Personal and professional experience in Commercial, Investment
                                                                     Land Development Projects
                                                                     Experienced in Single Family, Multi-Family, Townhomes and Condominiums

Credentials and Community Involvement:
  Investor/Developer, Real Estate
                                                                                                   Member of MALV, Whitehall, PA
                                                                                                   Member of EPMA, Easton, PA

                                                                                                   Member IAALV- Indian American Assn. of Lehigh Valley

Saman Chaudhry

Office: (610) 867-8888 Mobile: (610) 457-2151 Email: [email protected]
Visit Saman At:

Licening & Designations: Lead Buyer Specialist
                                               Foreclosure and Short Sale Specialist

Membership: Member of Lehigh Vally Assn. Realtors (LVAR)
                         Member MALV

Qualifications & Experience: Over eight years of experience as Realtor
                                                     Foreclosure, Short Sale, & Relocation Properties Expert
                                                     Speak English, urdu, & Punjabi

Marcella Garhi
Office: (610)864-8888 Mobile:(484) 786-3644 Email: [email protected]
Visit Marcella at: M
Licensing & Designations: Licensed Realtor in PA
                                                       Listing & Buyer Specialist 

Membership: Member of Lehigh VAlly Assn. Realtors (LVAR)
                             National Assn. Of Realtors
                             Pennsylvania Assn. of Realtors

Special: Warm and Socail personality
                  Resident of Lehigh Vally, PA since birth

Arshad Ali
Office: (610) 867-8888 Mobile: (973) 932-4493 Email: [email protected]om

Designations: Buyer Specialist
                             Foreclosure and Short Sale Specialist
                             Relocation Specialist
                             Residential, Commercial and Investment Specialist

Memberships: Lehigh Vally Assn. Realtors (LVAR)
                              National Assn. of Realtors
                              Pennsylvania Assn. of Realtors

Experience: 20 years experience in Financial industry
                          Speak English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi & Sindhi

Saeed Chaudhry
Office:(610) 867-8888 Mobile (610)457-2196 Email: [email protected]
Designations: Buyer Specialist/Residential/Investment & Commercial Real Estate Specialist
                              Expert in Foreclosure and Short Sale
                              Well Versed Reloction Properties

Memberships: Lehigh Vally Assn. Realtors (LVAR)
                            National Assn. of Realtors
                            Pennsylvania Assn. of Realtors

Sonia Kohl                        
Office: (610)867-8888 Mobile:(484)560-7593 Email: [email protected]
Membership:  IAALV
                           United Sikh Association
                           Hindu Temple Society
Designations: Buyer Specialist
                           Experty in Foreclosure and Short Sale
                           Well Versed Reloction Properties
                           Speaks Hindi, Punjabi,Gujrati and Marathi
                           Very Friendly and Warm Personality

Cindy Sookram
Office:(610)867-8888 Direct:(484) 893-1204 Email: [email protected]

Executive Office Admin: Manageing clients and filr reviews for high volume Real Estate Team
                                       Event coordination, running contact management programs
                                       Exceptional Customer Service
                                       Transaction coordinator on all files
                                       Provides exceptional service to clients
                                       Teamwork and collaboration on all Real Estate marketing 
                                       Schedules appointment and meetings for Realtors
                                       Oversee all contracts through closing system development,
                                       implementation and management.

"Our Clients Best Interest is ALWAYS First"